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Investments Forum III
"The costs of a Greek default in the Eurozone & globally"

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Andrianopoulos Andreas, Ph.D
Georgiades Anthony
Grassano Pietro
Ioannidis Dimitrios
Kleopas John
Papacostopoulos Constantine
Charalambous Yiangos
Goudinakos Stratos
Krintas Theodore, Ph.D

Andrianopoulos Andreas, Ph.D

Former Minister, Director of Institute of Diplomacy and Global Affairs
Born in 1946 in Piraeus Greece, in a family of politicians and founders of the most popular Greek football team (Olympiakos FC)

He was educated at Athens College, and in the Schools of Political Science in Athens, Kent (UK), Cambridge and Oxford. He studied also Economics and Issues of Peace Research at the University of Oslo. He holds also a Diploma on Leadership from the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University.

He lectured at various Schools in the USA and England (Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, Wisconcin at Madison, George Washington, LSE) and he was a Visiting Scholar at St. Edmund’s College, Cambridge. In 1998-99 he was Public Policy Fellow at the Woodrow Wilson Center, Washington DC. He holds two honorary PH.D. degrees and he was Professor of Public Policy at the American College of Greece.

He has been elected 9 times member of the Greek Parliament and he has served as Minister of Culture, Trade, Industry, Energy, Technology and Mass Communications.

He has also been elected Mayor of the City of Piraeus. He has contributed articles to numerous Greek and international journals and newspapers and has written books on Islam, Economic and Political Liberalization and Energy Security. Since he resigned from Parliament he held his own TV talk show, worked professionally as a newspaper commentator and as a consultant on issues of Caspian energy and political risk analysis for countries of the former Soviet Union and South Asia. He recently lead a team of international consultants in advising the government of the Russian Federation, under the auspices of the EU, on free competition and the advocacy of liberal market reforms. He also returned as a South East European Project Scholar at the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington working on the topic of Russian Energy Diplomacy.

He is now the Director of the Institute of Diplomacy and Global Affairs of the American College of Greece (Deree College) which is situated in the district of Plaka in Athens, Greece.

He is also the author of two historical novels on Medieval and Renaissance Europe.

He has two sons and he lives in Hydra and Athens.
The costs of a Greek default in the Eurozone & globally
  • The costs of a Greek default in the Eurozone & globally
  • Debt sustainability & alternative scenarios
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Charalambous Yiangos

Technical Consultant - UHYAxon Certified Auditors, Greece
• Fellow Member (F.C.C.A) of The Chartered Association of Certified Accountant - UK)
• Member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Cyprus
• Retired member of the Greek Institute of Auditors-Accountants (Σ.Ο.Ε.Λ)

Yiangos has over 54 years of professional experience in the auditing, consulting, and public services sector. Apart from his present position, as Technical consultant, he is a member of the BoD of Geniki Bank and acts as president of its audit committee.

Prior to these appointments he held the position of First Vice Chairman, Hellenic Capital Market Commission and previous to that he was the Deputy Senior Partner of the Group of Companies of KPMG in Greece. In his position at HCMC he headed 5 of its 7 divisions and participated actively in the drafting of the relevant legislation and oversaw the first time implementation of IAS of companies listed in the Athens Stock Exchange.
In his position as Deputy Senior Partner of KPMG, initially he headed its consulting company and in this role he achieved in establishing this company to a leading position of the Greek Consulting Sector in Greece. His last three years with the Group he was assigned responsibilities for the development and administration of the Financial Advisory and allied Transaction Services.

Yiangos’ professional work extended in a number of countries including US, England, Middle East and ex-Soviet Countries.

He is the founding member and first President of the Society of British Qualified Accountants-Greece. Furthermore he acted as member of the International Advisory Committee of “A.C.C.A.” He is also a founding member and for a number of years he acted as Vice-Chairman of SESMA (Consulting Companies‘ association).

Yiangos as (a) a writer published recently a book under the Greek title «Διοίκηση και Σύμβουλοι Διοίκησης – Management and Management Consultant» (b) as editor

1. «Δικαιοσύνη & Νομοθεσία της Κεφαλαιαγοράς »,
2. «Δικαιοσύνη, Εποποτικές Αρχές και Εποπτευόμενοι Φορείς στο νέο Ευρωπαϊκό Χρηματοπιστωτικό Περιβάλλον»
3. «Εξελίξεις στα Διεθνή Λογιστικά Πρότυπα».

He is a constant contributor of articles in international magazines and Greek newspapers on consulting and accounting issues, on corporate culture, Leavers of change on business environment.
Coordinator of the 1st Panel
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Georgiades Anthony

Chief Investment Officer of Amundi Hellas
Anthony started his career in Greece from Citibank in 1991. He worked as a Fund Manager at Citibank from 1994 until 2000 rising to Head of portfolio management for mutual funds. Since 2000 he has been working at Amundi Hellas MFMC and its predecessor entities as Chief Investment Officer. He is a graduate of Stevens Institute of Technology (Electrical Engineering) and holds a ΜΒΑ from Columbia Business School.
Asset Allocation in Today’s Challenging Environment
Asset allocation in today’s global environment is more challenging than ever. The U.S. is faced with a fiscal cliff, Europe is dealing with its debt crisis and recessionary fiscal policies and emerging markets are slowing down considerably. In this challenging environment investors need to tread carefully to protect their capital and take advantage of the new investment opportunities that arise in this new investment landscape.
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Goudinakos Stratos

Chief Risk Officer, ATE Insurance
Stratos Goudinakos, a veteran floor trader, has been actively involved in Capital Markets and Finance, Banking/Investment Banking /Asset Management/Insurance for over 20 years.

Started out at London's LIFFE as an options market maker/Director of Investments, built and managed complex derivative portfolios (inter - intra volatility spread structures).

On his return to Greece joined NBG Group, Head Derivatives & Proprietary Trading; managed the desks of market making, arbitrage and sales, set up an international prop desk and was also responsible for hedging the bank's bond book. He, consecutively, moved to NBG's asset management, as Chief Investment Officer.

In succession, participated (partner) in the buyout of an investment company and its extensive restructuring; in addition, developed and started up Ulysses Global Macro Hedge Fund which invested mainly in high grade markets on currencies, bonds, stocks, indices and commodities. Member of Investment Committees in Capital Management; moreover, managing own assets, trading in international derivative markets.

For the last two years he served at ATE Bank’s Board, responsible for Funding and Liquidity. He also sits in a number of Boards for ATE Bank Romania (Audit Committee, President of Risk Mgnt Committee), ATE AEDAK, and ATE Insurance. Currently, he is the Chief Risk Officer of ATE Insurance (Solvency II).

Holds a Diploma in Chemical Engineering of Patras University in Greece, a DBA from Cardiff Business School University of Wales, and an MBA from CASS Business School of City University; also, holds certificates from TEE, SFA and the HCMC in Market Making & Asset Management.
Coordinator of the 4th Panel
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Grassano Pietro

Executive Director, Head of Greek Sales J.P. Morgan Asset Management
Pietro Grassano, Executive Director, is a Senior Sales Executive in JPMorgan Asset Management in Italy since 2002, and Head of Greek Sales since 2008, keeping his responsibility for some clients in Italy. Before that, he has been working with BNP Paribas Asset Management as Client Relationship Manager since 2000. He spent beforehand four years in Andersen Consulting, where he was Management Consultant in the Finance practice from 1996 to 2000, following mainly banks. His working career starts in Brussels, Belgium, in 1995, as a specialty commodities trader. Pietro has a degree in Economics (DES, Discipline Economiche e Sociali) from Bocconi University in Milan.
Demographics and Retirement: a Global Perspective
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Ioannidis Dimitrios

Esq., Partner, Roach, Ioannidis & Megaloudis, LLC
Dimitrios Ioannidis is a partner of the law firm of Roach, Ioannidis & Megaloudis LLC., and counsel to the Consulate General of Greece in Boston, Massachusetts. He practices primarily in the areas of international business transactions and civil litigation and has extensive due diligence experience representing large financial institutions. He has worked on many cases as an expert witness and/or consultant and was a consultant to U.S. security firms on projects including the Athens 2004 Olympic Games and other security matters. He acted as an expert witness on several cases, including a case for the U.S. Attorney’s office and a large U.K. banking institution.

He represented the Greek Government, the Hellenic Navy, Harvard University, the University of Thrace in Greece, the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and other multinational companies, including venture capital companies and hedge funds. He is the author of many articles on the Greek Tax Code and Investments in Greece and a regular Columnist of a Greek legal magazine, Sinigoros in Athens, Greece.

He recently authored two articles on the Greek economic crisis and the need for regulation of financial institutions and on International Corporate Corruption along with a book on the Greek, Turkish and Israeli lobbies and how they affect US foreign policy.
The Need for Greater Action by Governments due to the Deregulation of the US Financial Sector
The presentation will center on how the deregulation of US financial markets coupled with the strategic use of complex financial instruments played a significant role in the Greek debt crisis. How the development and marketing of complex financial instruments by Wall Street strategists and the deregulation of the banking and investment sectors in the U.S. during the Clinton administration have opened the floodgates of profits for a select group of investors who can affect credit events around the globe.

In addition, how has the US government dealt with violations by large corporate entities and the ramifications of such cases in the context of global financial stability. Specific corruption cases will be briefly addressed such as the SEC cases against Goldman Sachs, Siemens, Mercedes Benz and Johnson & Johnson. Can government regulation prevent future violations? Can investors rely on large financial institutions?
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Kleopas John

Worldwide Chairman of Alliott Group
Founder & CEO Kleopas Alliott Business Consultants SA
John Kleopas is a graduate of the University of Piraeus (now Economic University of Piraeus) with postgraduate studies. He has attended many seminars both in the field of Accounting, Auditing, Taxation and Management in international business. He has also taken part in lectures and seminars, international conferences, symposia and workshops. He is the founder and Managing Director of the accounting firm Kleopas Alliott Business Consultants SA, (1991), which is a member of the British Alliott Group since 1992. He is also founder and Managing Director of the company Kleopas Payroll Services Ltd, (2010) which is a Partner in Greece of ADP Employer Services International. He is in the top executive management of Alliott Group for a decade. Recently he elected as the Worldwide Chairman of the Alliott Group. Previously he served as Worldwide deputy Chairman and Chairman for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). In Greece before he established the firms mentioned above, he worked in a number of Greek companies as accountant. He speaks English and Italian.
Investments and Taxation
  • Role of the tax system on investments as of today.
  • What is changing on the Tax Environment of Greece?
  • What actions are to be implemented?
  • Approach in Europe and in other Western countries.
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Krintas Theodore, Ph.D

Managing Director, Attica Wealth Management.
Vice President of Hellenic Fund and Asset Management Association
Dr. Krintas is the Managing Director of Attica Wealth Management. He was born in Athens in 1966 and studied Economics and Business administration at The Athens University of Economics and Business. He holds an MBA from The Athens University of Economics and Business and The University of Birmingham and a Ph.D. in Finance from The University of Thessaly. He is working in Investment Management and Finance since 1991 and had been the General Manager of Alpha Trust Investment Services (1995-1998), of Marfin Investment Services (1998-2000), Vice-President and Managing Director of IBG Asset Management (2000-2003) and Chief Financial Officer and Member of the Board of Profile Systems and Software (2003-2007). He holds the CIIA accreditation, is a certified investment manager and derivatives trader and market maker, Vice President of the Hellenic Fund and Asset Management Association, member of the Hellenic Chamber of Economics, the Association of Chief Executive Officers, the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants and the Hellenic Institute of Registered Financial Analysts.
Coordinator of the 2nd & 3rd Panel
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Papacostopoulos Constantine

Lawyer/Managing Partner, C. Papacostopoulos & Associates Law Firm
Mr Constantine Papacostopoulos is a lawyer before the Supreme Court of Greece, founder and Managing Partner of the law firm "C. Papacostopoulos and Associates", member firm of KPMG’s International Tax Network in Greece. He has a Law Degree and Master's Degree from the University of Liege (Belgium) and was a professor of Commercial and Banking Law in French Higher Education Institutions. He was a Partner of the Tax and Legal Department of KPMG Greece and served as Chairman of its Board of Directors during the period 09/1999 - 12/2003. His professional experience includes numerous assignments as legal and tax advisor and/or advocate of many multinational and Greek companies, while he also participated in numerous legislative committees on company, banking and stock exchange law in his capacity as legal counsel of the Ministry of Commerce. He has also been appointed in charge of the committee for the harmonisation of Greek company and stock exchange legislation with European law and has attended court proceedings as an attorney before the European Court of Justice. He is a member of the Athens Bar Association of the Association of Greek Commercial Lawyers, of the Society of Tax Law and Public Finance Studies, Chairman of the Corporate Governance Committee of the Greek – American Chamber, Chairman of the Greek Section of International Fiscal Association (IFA). He has extensive experience in company, tax and banking law issues, finance, investments and PPP contracts. He has published a series of articles and has given lectures on the above issues.
Social responsibility versus Legal responsibility
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